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The Moose Head Inn at Kenosee Lake is a well known Saskatchewan haunt, located about two hours southeast of Regina. Originally built in the 1960's by Ethel and Archibald Grandison, the building was used as a dance hall for local teenagers. In 1990 the inn was purchased by Dale Orsted who began to experience ghostly activity soon afterwards. Staff members of the inn report some poltergeist like experiences including doors opening, closing, and even slamming as if by unseen hands, items from the bar area like glasses, and cutlery disappearing only to reappear at a later time, and footsteps being heard when the building is empty. Police have even been called when a loud series of bangs began to be heard, and it was initially thought that someone was attempting a break-in or robbery. The source of the loud bangs were never adequately explained, and the haunting activity increased during renovations.There have been some psychic fairs held at the inn where it was determined that despite the activity calming down over the years the hauntings continued.

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