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Written by Susan Demeter-St.Clair

The witness originally wrote to us to share a possible UFO report at Christmas time 2014. In follow-up she shared the following experiences with the passing of a beloved family dog in March 2015.



"I wrote about seeing a strange light Christmas of 2014 and returned to the site to check updates when i saw the ghost and spirit section and thought i had something worthwhile to add, so here it is. i had 2 dogs and the beginning of March noticed one was getting tired and had problems keeping food down. We already knew she was ill. I made it a point to be with her and make her know she is loved.

Something caught my attention as i was leaning on the counter and I was shocked to see a black shadow over my dog. It was hovering over for 2 to 3 seconds and then vanished. I must have sounded shocked as my sister asked me what is wrong. I did tell her and said that I felt prompted to go and comfort the dog. The room was candle lit, no TV..pillow top mattress and clean sheet on the huge dog bed. I lay next to her and talked to her and told her how much she is loved and thanked her. I noticed she was a bit restless and appeared to be looking at something. Then she would settle and again get restless. It is now my conclusion that she was transitioning from this life to the next. I put my arm around her and told her it was ok to go. I was talking with my sister on the phone and telling her that I did not like the clinical setting and the final shot for my dog, so this is what I was discussing with her.

After I put my head down to sleep, I remember her getting up and going to the foot of the sofa.

When my daughter got home in the morning she had crossed over. I felt she passed with love and was happy she was at home.

Approx 2 weeks later, I was sitting on sofa and got tired and stretched out to sleep. I felt a tap tap tap on my arm. I lifted my head from sleeping to see my dog standing there, and the tapping was her tail on my arm. Always happened before. I hugged her and told her to not vanish, that my daughter had to see her. I knew she had passed in my dream. I yelled for my daughter and then i woke up in the morning with a feeling of "she was here". My daughter was in Florida at the time and as i sat recalling this and absorbing it, my daughter phoned and told me she knows our dog was ok and she had the most beautiful dream of her wagging her tail.

That confirmed what i thought. There is life after life.  I have never fallen asleep and dreamed I was in the exact same place dreaming. What are the odds of that?

The next phone call was the Vets office letting me know the remains were ready and she can come home. This dream ? and feeling i had when i woke preoccupied my head for the entire day. I could not, but more so, i did not want to shake it. "

Our thanks goes out to the witness for sharing this experience with us. This is a beautiful and moving story that we hope will bring comfort to others going through a similar loss. If you have experienced something that you believe may be paranormal within Canada please contact us at or fill out our reporting form Your privacy will be protected and confidentiality is assured.