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In April 2012 we received the following report:


"I was on a typical jog into High Park in the very early morning.  After exiting street lighting and entering the woods at the north east corner of the park, I was confronted by a figure and an experience I really don't understand.  It was late Oct. or early Nov., it was chilly outside.  When I slowed my run to a walk to adjust to the greater dark, I suddenly encountered a large man that was wearing nothing but a pair of red tartan summer shorts.  I halted and watched as the figure walked slowly, mechanically, out of the bushes, halted, then craned it's/his neck mechanically to look at me.  There was only extreme dark where his face should have been--darker than the rest of the surrounding.  I became fixated on trying to see the figures face and thereby interpret what this person's intention or situation was--it was strange.  I felt drawn in, hard to describe.  I suddenly only saw images in my mind's eye:  images of this person and their life in the park; I saw him relaxing by the pool, hiking, smelling flowers, that sort of thing.  Then I was back in real time--I had suddenly found myself off the path a number of feet, struggling to re-find the path.  I just instinctively made haste out of the area and didn't look back. 

The rest of the jog was loaded with apparitions and strange dark shapes roaming the woods.  I saw CROWDS of apparitions in some regions of the woods as I ran past in complete wonder and astonishment--a sort of shock settled on me in which I forgot to get scared, I was too intrigued!  At some point I felt like I was followed--by two dark shapes that kept a distance just out of my field of vision so as to make out who or what they were--I could hear their foot falls following me at times--though the other apparitions didn't make a sound.  Their reactions were strange:  it was like some were fixated on me--it was usually a rather rancid glare-to being completely oblivious or apathetic of my presence.  I feel I watched one apparition vanish in the wink of an eye--he was a gentleman of about 35-40 years of age, dressed in casual modern clothes, short, neatly cut hair.  It was at that point, having received multiple experiences, I finally felt a fair bit of terror, unable to explain what was happening--I fled the park by the brightest lit routes available.

Aside from the rich history and myriad of dramatic events that have happened in and around the park, a friend of mine turned me onto the fact that MANY people release the ashes of their deceased relatives in the park (albeit this IS illegal, not many people regard the law with ashes there, I understand) as it was the favourite place of many in their declining years in the city environs.  My story appeared on the Canadian tv show  "GHOSTLY ENCOUNTERS" roughly 3 years ago."

Our thanks goes out to the witness for sharing this experience with us. If you have seen something similar at this date/time/location, can add further information to this report, or have experienced something that you believe may be a ghost in Ontario, Canada please contact us at or fill out our reporting form Your privacy will be protected and confidentiality is assured.


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