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"The paranormal experiences in my family are endless but the ones that stick in my mind are recent.

My mother-in-law Sandy, just passed away last autumn after a long  battle with Parkinson's.  A day or two after her passing, strange, spooky and sometimes annoying, things started happening.   

The first thing to occur, was the car horn going off for no reason whatsoever.  My spouse and I would go outside to find a locked car with no signs of forced entry and with the horn stuck on.  I had to push it a few times in order for it to shut off. I thought it was nothing more than a minor mechanical problem but not 30 minutes later the same thing happened again but this time it was the other horn  button.  We then started wondering if Sandy was doing this.

When Sandy was alive and healthier, she was a big practical joker.  But  for the last six years, she was trapped in a body where she could  hardly move or speak.  When she passed away, I think she felt there was some unfinished business and wasn't ready to move on just yet.

One morning, while I was showering, and my spouse was sleeping, I had one of those feelings where I just knew that someone else was in the  bathroom with me.  I opened the curtain and didn't see anything, so I  just continued showering.  Thirty seconds later the water got ice cold.  Thinking I ran out of hot water, I got out.  I was shocked to see that  the hot water tap on the sink was open full.  It wasn't on earlier and  my spouse swears that she was sleeping the entire time and never came  into the bathroom.

Our four year old didn't understand what death was,  but she would often wakeup saying that grandma came into her room last night and talked to her until she fell asleep.
On another occasion, I was awakened at three in the morning by what sounded like shampoo bottles being knocked into the bathtub.  They were falling one right after the other from a large, stable ledge.  My spouse didn't believe me at first, but the very next night she was awakened by  the same sounds.  

By this time we were getting used to the strange things happening and the only way we would deal with it was to joke about it.  Whenever  something weird would happen, our retort would be "Go back to sleep Sandy".

The last thing to occur, happened while we were watching TV one evening. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw what looked like a partial outline of a figure descend from the ceiling, sit on the stool near the TV for a while and then get up and leave the room.

If this was Sandy, we haven't heard from her recently.  We think that she came to our house because she always hated her home in Rockliffe Park.  She also had a fondness for her grandchildren and had a special bond with the youngest one.  Maybe she's moved on now or just taking a break.  Only time will tell."    

Our thanks, and appreciation go out to the witness for sharing these experiences with us, and our readers. It is our hope with reports such as these that others who are experiencing similar things will find some comfort in knowing they are not alone. If you have experienced something similar please contact us at Your privacy will be protected, and confidentiality is assured.