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Nova Scotia

We received the following report in February 2012:


"Good morning, I was just wanting to inquire to see if you had ever heard anything on possible spirits at the Dartmouth General in Nova Scotia?

I had to stay there for a few nights mid December 2011 and around 11 at night something or someone sat on the end of my bed leaving an impression, I watched the sheets crinkle and checked to see where my feet were since I thought maybe I had done it but there was a good 2 feet or more at the end of my bed that was free.

I wasn't frightened just wondering who it might have been, it seemed as if they were sitting there watching over me or trying to comfort me, I asked the nurses about it the next morning and they had said that they have heard others tell them the exact same story. They believe that someone checks in on the patients and seems to be a harmless being which I had already believed.

Just wondering if you may know anything about any spirits or anything there, I was on the 3rd floor."

This is the first report we have come across from this particular hospital, however hospitals, hospices, and nursing facilities are very well represented as a whole as places that appear to have their fair share of ghostly or haunting activity. Why this may be the case is open to discussion, and speculation.




Update November 2015 one of our readers writes in:


"Hey I just read your story about the Dartmouth general hospital ghost on 3 floor i work at this hospital and have heard that story there are also many others there is supposedly a ghost nurse that can be rarely seen mostly heard near the cafeteria also the grey lady on 3 floor there is a strange phenomena that goes on in the elevators sometimes they will take you right to the 5th floor but there is nothing on 5 and you need to get a key from security to go there and the last one i know about it the outpatients hallway there is reports of something tugging your clothes and even throwing items off chairs beside you i find this stuff very interesting and after that story i thought id share what i had heard and experienced."

Our thanks goes out to the witness for sharing this experience with us. If you have had a similar experience or can add further information to this report please contact us at or fill out our reporting form. Your privacy will be protected and confidentiality is assured.