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Nova Scotia

The following report was received in 2011 and our thanks go out to the witness for sharing these experiences with us. Hopefully others who have experienced or are currently experiencing similar things can take comfort in knowing they are not alone.

"We bought and renovated an older house that had been vacant for many years. Over the years my family has had numerous experiences. When the children were small they would see a man upstairs. My self and babysitters would hear the back door open and someone walk across the floor, haul out a chair and sit down then a thump . My sister and I smelled coffee perking and it kept getting stronger. When I thought it was done I went into the kitchen and there was no coffee. I asked my sister if she had smelled the coffee perking she said yes it smells good.I told her there was no coffee and that I had thought she had perked a pot. She thought I had and was joking and had to check for herself. Last year I kept hearing a bird flying in my upstairs hall .It kept hitting the wall and falling to the floor.I went to rescue it but have never found it.All of my windows had screens on them the bedroom doors were closed. I thought it may have gotten in when they removed a screen in one room when they were running a wire for internet but the screen was back in place and it could not have gotten out.These are a few of the things. It used to scare my children and made my sister uneasy but it never really scared me. At times I just thought someone wanted to let me know it was there.

 I did ask a psychic once and she told me my house wasn't really haunted that someone was just watching over me and the children. My elderly neighbour told me what I was describing with someone coming in the back door was a previous tenant who had died in the house. He said he came in the back door and hauled a chair out and sat down and asked his wife to quick get his shoes off he was dying and dropped dead . He told me my table was in the same place that theirs had been. I moved the table and haven't heard it since but as it wasn't a regular occurrence am not sure if that is why it stopped. I am not really sure what to believe but it doesn't frighten me."



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