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Seminary House, Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

Seminary House (1878), a fine old frame building with an addition added in 1892, was built to address the concerns of Baptist leaders regarding the lack of educational opportunities for women. The harmless spirit of a flaxen haired girl has been spotted in one of the study rooms here.


One of our readers writes:

"I was at the seminary hall for the gunn balderson for a soccer tournament on Friday till today and on Friday night one of my team mates left her room with the lights off and the closet door closed and she is the only one with the key and she came back and the closet door was open and her lights were on...

Also I was sitting in the hallway waiting for a friend by myself and I heard a weird noise like when you open your mouth and close it like a (sorry i don't know how to describe it) then I felt really cold, but when my friend came out it went away. My room is almost under the banister where the young student hung them self. I'm emailing this to you because I seen this on your website I hope this is helpful..."


Our thanks to our reader for sharing this with us. Have you experienced something that you think might be paranormal at this location or elsewhere in Nova Scotia? Can you add any further information to this report? If so please do contact us at Your privacy will be protected, and confidentiality is assured.