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Nova Scotia

The first lighthouse at Chebucto Head was built in 1872 with a steam foghorn just below it. It was replaced by a second tower in 1928. This tower was demolished in 1940 and a new lighthouse and combined keeper's dwelling was built several hundred metres to the north to make way for a gun battery. In 1967 the light was moved from the house to the a new concrete tower which still stands today. The house remained the keeper's dwelling until the light was destaffed in the 1990s. The house fell prey to repeated vandalism after the Canadian Coast Guard canceled the lease of tenants who lived in and looked after the house. The house was destroyed by a suspicious fire on May 25, 2004.

No activity has been reported here for many years, most likely because it is now unoccupied, former tenants have reported poltergeist activity and the image of a woman, soaked to the bone with a rope tethered to her waist, walking the cliff top.

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