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New Brunswick

The following are series of experiences submitted to us in 2013. The events described span over a period of years. And while they begin in rural New Brunswick the odd happenings occur throughout different provinces. In the witnesses own words:

"After getting married, my wife our son and I moved in with my grandmother. The 3 of us slept in the basement, grandmother slept upstairs. Nightly we were woken at roughly 2 AM by a horrible crashing sound. Thinking that grandmother had fallen out of bed I would rush upstairs to ensure that she was all right. She would invariably meet me asking what we were doing downstairs to create this disturbance.

The room above mine where the sound seemed to be coming from had been my great-grandfather's prior to his death. He used a cane and toward the end of his life would in a panic use it to turn on the light if he woke up in the night as he had developed a fear of the dark. I would call the sound very similar to what I had heard as a child when he would turn on the light. At the time of these events he had been gone for 10 years

My wife, son and I were living with my grandmother prior to my joining the army. On this particular evening one of my aunts had stopped by for a visit. While sitting upstairs chatting, my wife, aunt and myself all heard what sounded like someone in work boots walking across the floor below. As my son was asleep on that floor I immediately investigated and found nothing to be out of the ordinary, he was sound asleep and was the only person on that level of the house.

I returned upstairs finding my aunt visibly shaken. When questioned she explained that she hadn't expected that I would find anyone.

The footsteps she had heard had been her fathers. He had a limp and always wore work boots, this caused a distinct sound when he walked. At the time of the event my grandfather had been deceased for roughly 19 years.

In 1999 my family and I were posted to Calgary so that I could attend training at SAIT. Our children were 8 and 2 years old. On a daily basis at roughly 8 PM the family would smell a struck match, I consistently investigated but never found the source. Our oldest son slept in the only downstairs bedroom and complained every morning that he wished I would stop staying up all night typing. I went to bed at 10 PM every night. Our younger son refused to sleep in the bedroom we initially set him up in, 4 months into our stay we traded rooms with him and he started sleeping through the night again. One evening I was watching television when my youngest son looked at me and asked "Dad what's this mean?". He had his hand near the side of his face and was making a come here type motion with his index finger. I asked him what he meant and he replied that the man in the closet was doing this and he wasn't sure what it meant.

During the summer of 2000 my family and I were posted to Shearwater N.S. While driving there from Calgary we stopped to visit my grandmother in rural N.B. This was the first time my youngest son, 3 years old, had been there so he went off to explore the house with his older brother 9 while my wife and I caught up on the news with my grandmother. At some point our youngest so came to the kitchen in a panic saying that "The white hands came out of the stairs and tried to grab me." Our oldest son who had been with him the entire time couldn't understand all the fuss and swore that he hadn't seen anything. His first indication of a problem was when his brother had started screaming.

When my grandmother passed away I was left a 31 day clock with chimes. After her funeral I hung the clock, it worked for 2 weeks then stopped and has never worked since except for a single 4 day period. On a Wednesday (can't remember the date) it inexplicably started to work so I ensured it was wound and set it to the proper time. The next evening my mother called from N.B. to tell me that my aunt had been taken to the hospital in Fredericton the previous day, no one was sure why. On Saturday night two strange things happened. Concerned for my aunt and being away from home I was having difficulty sleeping. At approximately 12:45 AM I went to the basement for a cigarette. After lighting it, I felt 3 distinct, firm taps behind and slightly above my left ear, at roughly the same time the clock stopped and hasn't moved since. At the time I still didn't know why my aunt was in the hospital. The next morning I got a call explain that she had passed away through the night caused by an aneurism.

The clock started before I had been informed of my aunts illness but at approximately the time of the initial aneurism. The problem was on the left side behind her ear, which I wasn't aware of at the time I felt the taps. The clock then stopped again at roughly the recorded time of death which I didn't hear about until the next day. My aunt was trying to tell me that something was up and I was needed at home?

After my grandmother passed away, my family hired the teenager from next door to ensure that the lawn was mown regularly. On two separate occasions that I'm aware of he reported seeing her after her death supervising as he mowed. The first time was in mid June, he was mowing the front, she had been gone roughly 2 months, he looked up to clearly see her watching through the kitchen window apparently sipping a cup of tea. The house was completely empty, no tenants or furnishings, my aunt went to check on it later in the day and heard the story at that time. The second time was in August while mowing the back he looked up and saw her standing at the railing of the back deck roughly 20 feet from where he was standing. Apparently she smiled and waved, he waved back then realizing what he was seeing wasn't possible, closed his eyes and shook his head when he opened them again she wasn't there."

The family continues to experience odd things in their current home, but wish to keep these private. The primary witness writes: As 5 years and 3 separate houses/ provinces (Quebec, Nova Scotia, Alberta) separated her (grandmother's) death and the start of these latest events I "spoke to the house", demanding that if this wasn't the spirit of my grandmother they did not have permission to continue this contact. It has subsided but not stopped."He adds: "I hope that my experiences may help others to understand or be less afraid of their own."

We would like to thank the witness for sharing his experiences with us, and for allowing us to share these experiences with our readers. It takes courage to do so and we appreciate it.

If you have experienced something similar or if you believe you have experienced something paranormal in Canada please contact us at or fill out our reporting form. Your privacy will be protected and confidentiality is assured.