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New Brunswick

The witness writes:

"This is my first time telling someone outside of my family and circle of friends about it, but it is something I think should be shared with others.

Anyways, so the house I live in now was the house my father grew up in all his life. His parents built it in 1958 and lived here until my grandfather passed away and my grandmother could not handle the stairs. My immediate family and I have lived here for 14 years, moving in when I was 5. For the past 2 years, I have had strange encounters with what I have so fondly called ghosts. The room I occupy was once my grandmother's and before that it was my aunt's room. The room was built for my aunt by my grandfather, and she herself has stated that she has heard people singing during all hours of the day, when there was either no one at home or when everyone was there but only she could hear it. Before they built this house, they lived in a farm house not far from here and she said she also heard the singing there.

My grandmother who then lived in the room said at different times of the day and night she could very distinctly hear someone playing the guitar and singing country songs. My grandfather I'm told was a pretty good guitarist for being self taught. I myself haven't heard the singing or guitar music as of late.

  My encounters started a couple of years ago when my friend was living with us for a brief time. I shared my room with him and my bed was against the wall in a corner of my room. There is a rack with clothes on it that went over my bed at the time, and I had pushed them far to the side to keep them from getting in my face when I slept. One night when was trying to get to sleep the clothes started flying all over the place, sliding up and down the rack hitting me in the face. I jumped up and turned the light on. I confronted my friend about it claiming he did it, but he was quite asleep when I woke him up. Since then I have seen and heard a black shadow run up and down the stairs, and on the first occasion I could hear it stomp up and down the stairs. During that occasion, my mother was in front of me on the computer, dad was in the room to my back with our dog, my brother inside, and my other grandfather who is still living with us was asleep downstairs. I asked my parents if they heard the stomping and they heard nothing. My father saw no one come in the door as well. My brother once heard a banging sound as if cinder block was dropped on the floor, coming from my parents room (used to be my grandparents room when they lived here), but when he checked the house nothing was out of place or knocked over. My most recent encounter was a physical touch. This happened a little over a week ago and just as I got into bed and laid down, I felt a hand very gently run across my head and through my hair. My door was closed, and no one I could see was there. At this point I figured if anything is there it probably isn't violent or too frightening. I came to terms with the idea that there is something in this house and I accepted it.

I have never gone looking to provoke anything paranormal, and I am firmly against playing with ouija boards based on the stories of the house my mother's family had when they needed a priest to perform an exorcism. To this day she and my grandmother will not talk about that exorcism, but have briefly said that it was hell on earth."


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