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New Brunswick

We received the following report in 2011, but the events described occurred in 1991.


"I was a security guard in a hospital in West Saint John called Centracare.This place housed patients with mental problems and criminals for 30 day observation. One night I had to do a patrol outside and check the outbuildings to make sure that they were locked and secured. As I passed the church yard I heard baby crying and I searched the lot but couldn't find where it was coming from. After my patrol I radioed the front desk and ask where are the babies at and that I had heard crying. She told me that there wasn't any babies in the hospital and that the last baby was back in 1937. She said that on certain nights you will hear crying.

I check on the history of the place and found that in 1937 they had a ward that housed babies and children. I'm not sure but I think the place is torn down.The grounds may still be haunted."
Wiki has an entry for the hospital here, and the building in question was demolished. Centracare much like many psychiatric facilities around the country tend to inspire ghost stories, and mythos. We are always interested in hearing from people with first-hand accounts.
Our thanks go out to the witness for sharing his experience with us. If you have had a similar experience or have further information you'd like to share please contact us at Your privacy will be protected, and confidentiality is assured.