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New Brunswick

We received the following report from a reader in 2009.......


"My daughter has been seeing a little girl in my home. This girl has also been seen in my ex-husband's home.  I consider my daughter to be sensitive as it runs on both sides of her family. She has also heard a man's voice in our living room when no one was around. I have numerous times heard footsteps and doors closing in my home and have had the feeling that I was not alone. I have also seen the little girl in my ex-husband's home as well, a few years ago when his grandmother died.  My nephew has also seen the little girl in the steps in my home. Most recently I have felt touches on the side of my face.  My daughter and I both feel that there are two different entities at work here. A man who primarily stays in our basement and first level and a little girl who is usually seen on the stairs to the second level. My daughter is fascinated by this and does not feel any negative vibes."

Our thanks to the witness for sharing this experience with us, and our readers. We appreciate it, and it helps others who are going through similar circumstances to learn that they are not alone. If you have experienced something that you believe may be paranormal in nature in New Brunswick or elsewhere in Canada please contact us at Your privacy will be protected, and confidentiality is assured.