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New Brunswick

During the mid 18th century struggle between the Acadians and British, a French fort was constructed at a cove located in a place known today as French Fort Cove (Northumberland County, New Brunswick). Acadians were transported to this location to help fend off the British. Among these Acadians was a nun known as Sister Marie.

Sister Marie was born in France and requested of her superiors that she be sent to "Canada" to help the Acadians.  Sister Marie was devoted to the care of the ill and despaired. She was in care of a fund that was set up to assist the needs of the families.  It is said that she buried the money for safe keeping. Late one night, while returning from assisting a very ill person,  Sister Marie was attacked by an unknown person(s) demanding that she reveal the the location of the buried money.  Her unwillingness to cooperate with the attackers resulted in Sister Marie being beaten which ended with her head being severed from her body. Her head was never found.

Sister Marie's body was returned to France but her spirit remained, unable to rest until her head was buried with her body. Late night visitors to this area have been approached by Sister Marie's spirit asking them to help find her head. Others have said that she found her head and carries it in her arms asking them to bury it with her body.

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