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New Brunswick

 "We have a wonderful female spirit that lives with us and watches over us when we are hurt or sick...On many occasions we have all felt her tucking our blankets in around us, felt her touch our chest when we have a cold, see her standing at the end of the bed smiling at us when we are hurt...we have even smelt a faint scent of roses when we have a disagreement...We can even feel her standing close by if you are sad...She is wonderful and we have all come to care for her a great deal.   She seems to be in her late 30's maybe early 40's when we see her and she wears a long dress with a high collar and what looks like an apron. Sometimes she has a small white hat on...Her hair is dark and is always in a neat bun .It isn't that we want her gone..I would just like you to know that some spirits don't haunt...they help and comfort. Saint John is a very old city that has gone through a great number of events...we are guessing that see may have been a nurse at the old General Hospital that we live very close to.....thank you"

Our thanks to our reader for sharing this experience with us. We too have the same opinion on most reports of ghosts in that people shouldn't see them as "evil" or "bad" without absolute evidence.

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