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New Brunswick

Legend has it that a ghost ship haunts this area, and over the years there have been many good eyewitness sighting reports of the strange lights of the phantom vessel. While some people say the ghost ship is nothing more than a natural phenomenon like St Elmos Fire, others who have seen the ship up close say it is definitely supernatural in origin.

An eyewitness writes: 

"Hi, I came across the site and was reading the Baie des Chaleurs Fireship page and it brought back a memory I won't ever soon forget, whenever I think about it or read articles, it comes back to me as if it had just happened yesterday, it's one of the clearest memories I have.... I was only young, but it's been stuck clearly in my mind since the day it's happened, I was probably around 11 or 12, around that age, I had been with my grandfather that night, he had parked his jeep facing the water on a stormy night, (I used to talk with my grandfather about it and how he had seen it before). It is so surreal to think of it now and how clear the memory is of the vessel out in the bay, masts engulfed in flame, hovering in one spot, and then fading, we had got to sit and look at it for around 5 minutes before it disappeared.. It was unlike anything I have ever seen in my life! I can close my eyes and just see the memory of it in my mind clear as day and how unbelievable it was. When I mention the story to some they ask am I sure it wasn't a dream, but I know I have seen the phantom ship!!"


Our thanks to our reader for sharing this experience with us. 

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