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"Virden is a town in southwestern Manitoba. Oil was first discovered in 1951, and Virden has since come to be known as the "Oil Capital of Manitoba"

The witness writes:

"When I was a child we lived in a house that was just over 100 years old.  I experienced a few things while living there.  My closet door handle would jiggle but would not open, my bedroom door would swing open on its own. The basement lights would flicker and electronics would turn on on their own. The most powerful experience I had was seeing the figure of an old woman.  I was playing on the floor and she came into my room.  She just paused beside me, I said hello to her and she smiled and turned from me going back out of the room.

I later found out that the one of the principals of the elementary school down the street had lived and died in that house. I believe this was her, and that she was just checking up on me to see what kind of mischief I was up to that day."

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