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The witness writes:

"In Spring 2009 I was sleeping on the couch in the living room, with my body facing the back of the couch. I heard footsteps (very clear/real) come down the stairs, into the livingroom. The person stopped behind me, maybe 5 feet? and looked at me. I pretended to be asleep because I didnt want to have to make polite conversation with anyone, I was cranky and wasn't close with either of the two other people in the house. The footsteps carried on and exited through the back of the house (kitchen). 10-15 minuets later the only other two people in the house came down. When I asked them who was there they went white. Apparently things of this nature had been happening. They swore no one else was in the house and they just woke up. The doors were all locked and windows frozen shut. If it counts for anything the presence felt male, and human. And a little confused.The house was apparently built in 1917(approx? Not confirmed). On Morley street."

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