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"The place in question is on Evanson Street, now a WRHA office that I worked overnights in, and formerly a hospital.  Footsteps would be heard, taps could be heard being turned on and the sound of water running in a bathroom - when you would enter, the noise would stop, the sink was dry, the tap off.  Once I heard footsteps, then the sound of someone who had kicked what sounded like an old metal trashcan that tipped and was rolling on the floor.  When I went into the hall, nothing was there.  My coworkers that also worked overnights also experienced similar happenings. One night I left the office and searched the entire building - could find nothing or no one else present.  Another time, Security called me at 4 am, saying they'd rec'd a call from the Elevator phone call that went dead.  Thinking my co-worker that I took over from at midnight might be stuck in the elevator, I went and looked - no one present and the telephone was covered in dust - hadn't been touched in ages."

Our thanks to the witness for sharing these experiences with us. Have you experienced something that you think might be paranormal in Winnipeg or elsewhere in Manitoba? Can you add any further information to this report? If so please do contact us at Your privacy will be protected, and confidentiality is assured.