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We received the following in August 2011:

"Attending a conference for work.  Happened around 9-10pm, late May 2008, on a Monday, after a day of travelling from Toronto to Winnipeg, and settled into my room at the Fort Garry, I had dinner (no alcohol), then retired for the evening. I was in bed by around 9pm.  Blinds drawn, room completely dark so I could sleep.  I slept curled on my left side.  About an hour later I was awaken as I sensed light even though my eyes were closed.  When I opened them, I saw pin point pulses of bright white light travelling a few feet below the ceiling towards the ceiling. This lasted for about 5 seconds and disappeared.  Freaked my out.  Could not sleep the rest of the night.  I was staying in a room on the third floor, so one floor up and about 2 rooms down from where the infamous room 202 is located.  I did not know that was the haunted room until after this happened.  I have never in my life seen anything paranormal.  Ever. Until this.  I only reported this now because I found this website. I have not done a study on this.  But it seemed like energy travelling through real space.  It just wasn't plugged in anywhere.  Mind boggling.  It was more like energy and not a 'ghost'."
Our thanks to the witness for sharing these experiences with us.

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