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Grande Prairie is a city in northwest Alberta, Canada within the southern portion of an area known as Peace River Country. It is located at the intersection of Highway 43 and Highway 40, approximately 456 km northwest of Edmonton

The witness writes:

In August of 1986 I was sent to our Grande Prairie office to work for three weeks while the usual staff member was on holidays.  I stayed in his home during the family's absence. There was also a border away but expected back in the next few days, who was described to me as a young man with blond hair. This was an early "open design house" and you could see from one end to the other, with a half horizontal wall in the kitchen area.  On this particular day, around 5pm, I was sitting in the living room area having supper and watching TV.  I could feel someone watching me and looked up into the kitchen area, which was about 20 feet away. I saw a young man with blond hair and I recall that he was wearing a jade green golf shirt.  As he was standing in front of the stove, I could only see him from the waist up and I remember that he had a blank expression on his face. Thinking that he was the expected border, I said a cheery "Hello there", at which point the young man vanished.  Of course I was quite shocked but I didn't feel any fear and didn't see him again. The border did arrive a few days later, followed by the family in two weeks.  I felt I couldn't mention what I had seen to the homeowner as I didn't want to frighten the family but I have often wondered who this young man and his history.

I felt that this young man likely had at some point lived in the house, which had been sold to my co-worker a couple of years previously.  I think he was just wondering who I was.  I didn't feel any threat or sense of him being back during my remaining two weeks in Grande Prairie although I must say that I did leave the lights on overnight from that time on!

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