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We received the following report in 2013, but the events described occurred in the early 1990s

I worked in a Daycare and had been there for a few years. We had a reading area that had a large purple or pink blanket the kids would sit on while we read to them in this book center area. We worked in groups, each care giver had a certain amount of children in her group. On this day my friend and I brought our groups together. After reading we let the children goof off playing under the blanket. When it was time to go to another center all the children came from under the blanket, except one. We did a head count and all the children were accounted for at the next center, my friend and I were confused, we both walked towards the blanket and wondered who/how we missed someone. When we got about 3 feet from the blanket, it dropped flat to the floor...... my friend looked at me and tears started coming from her eyes. I was not scared just stunned. No doubt it was child playing under there with the other children. That experience is something I will never forget.

The Daycare was in a church in Lethbridge at the time this happened, I have read that in that location, it was not always the same building but it was always a place where groups of children for choirs and other groups have been going for years.I have never read about any deaths there but being a church still to this day makes me wonder if this child's funeral was there or if he/she ever spent time at that address while alive.

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