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"At a friends house we were having an outdoor potluck one evening and almost instantly I felt something was watching us. There were about 10 of us there, but this was a different presence. As I sat down in the lawnchair, out of the corner of my eye I noticed an arm reaching down for something right next to me, but when i looked up there was nobody there. I brushed this off. Later I went into the house to use the facilities and had two experiences back to back. First I was waiting in line for the bathroom to find out the feet shadows in the light under the door and the rattling of the door knob was in fact "nobody". Then as I was leaving the bathroom I saw a shadow shape of a short stature man come zipping down the stairs in the living room to my left and straight through the wall ahead of him and was gone. I ran out of the house, and didn't want to upset anybody so I asked my friend, the owner of the house later, and she knew all about him, say he follows her around and cleans up after her. Shutting cabinets and doors she leaves ajar. Closing the clothes dryer when she is done with it, etc. My friend and this ghost seem to live in harmony together. The house was built in 1915."

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