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The witness writes:

"We live in a house built in the early 1900s. Before i had moved in my boyfriend said he could sense things, he saw a can levitate off a table and could hear chains being dragged upstairs. When i moved in we had a room in the basement and many things would happen the light would turn on and off, the door i left open would be closed when i returned. I would be alone and hear someone walking around upstairs. I moved away for work and we are renovating the house and it has stirred up more occurrences. When talking on the phone i could hear another whispered voice in the background talking it would say hi and when we replied he would say leave us. We asked there is more than one of you here and it said yes. If we did not reply to his greetings he would bang the walls. I was getting ready in the bathroom for a wedding and the whispered voice said my name loudly. I have seen pebbles being thrown from the bedroom to the kitchen. While painting at night i saw a bright orb and it wasn't headlights or another light. The event that stays with me the most is when i was at the house alone and i felt the air was very heavy i decided i didn't want to be in the house so i sat in the porch. While sitting there my right leg got extremely cold as if someone was sitting beside me. I was scared so i sat there and my whole right side was cold but not like the cold you feel at winter but a deep frozen feeling. I then decided to reside in my car until someone came home. There are many events that happen at this house we have tried to capture the whispered man but have come up with nothing. My boyfriend has taken photos and gotten some orbs. There is a lot of activity in this house. I believe its an intelligent spirit and a woman or girl. My boyfriend heard a female screaming."

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