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The witness writes:

"First night on the work site as a security officer, at the Concordia university college campus, being given the walking tour by a male veteran cleaning staff member. The oldest part of the main building was having each door checked in an upper level with small offices for instructors/professors. The area was vacant and unlit except for the cleaner and I. No windows or doors were open, so there was no opportunity for wind or sudden shift in air pressure. I reached for a door handle on one office, the cleaner was three doors down, no strings or filament were attached, no one was present in the office on the other side. The door and the handle moved and rattled very loudly and was witnessed by both of us. I was clean, sober, and rested at the time of the event. This event did not occur the same again but the entire section of the oldest part of the building was patrolled with care on the inside, and sometimes doors that were hex-key locked were discovered opened/unlocked after they had been secured. Other buildings on the property were "normal", and being outside the specific part of the main building brought a sense of great relief. The affected area was patrolled at various hours and remained vacant of campus staff. In defiance, I would go to a music room and play a piano loudly for about an hour just to see what would happen next.

Some research suggested that there was a woman who had died on the premises decades prior in a fire (?) but this has been unconfirmed. Other day-time staff admitted that other persons had met unfortunate ends on the property. In a rational pursuit, other security staff from other sites were invited to participate in the investigation, and a security dog was taken on the rounds to detect anything that would otherwise go unnoticed. In each instance, nothing further was noticeably detected, but other security company staff confirmed unexplained phenomena at all different hours."

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