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The witness writes:

"I'm from a small town of Drumheller AB, which was built to facilitate coal mining in the early 1900, with the installation of the CN rail through the area.The town was diverse with international settlers coming to find a better life, and there is thought to be many spirits present through the area due to the dangerous work and subsequent deaths as well as violent deaths in two particular mine sites. (there were a total of 129 mines in area during operative years)

My story is not about the above areas, just wanted to let you know the prospect for paranormal investigations and history of town.

I worked in a drug store for over 11 years through school and while home from university, this drug store was about 1 block from historic main street (interestingly all buildings down main street have interlocking underground tunnels that were used for gambling during prohibition years).

Everyone I worked with was terrified of the basement, and I heard a number of stories upon working there.  I am a skeptic but also a firm believer in energies outside the human form.  I would hang out in the dark and wait for things to happen, and one day it did without me knowing.

I went to grab some under stock in the furthest corner, and saw a man decked out in cowboy attire.  Our bosses office was in the centre of the far back wall in the basement and he was also mayor at the time, so there would be a lot of people coming and going, so i did not find this man in the far corner unusual, just thought he was a new visit that got lost among the stock piles.

I asked if he was looking for Paul, he did not answer but looked and smiled and I rushedly pointed out where it was and grabbed my item to take to the waiting customer.  He tipped his hat towards me and carried on.

I asked Paul the next time I came down if the man found him, he had no idea what I was talking about, I described him and he looked at me like I was crazy. I thought he was messing around with me.

I asked the girl that works in the basement receiving if she had seen him, she hadn't and said that I had seen the ghost she had seen a number of times, I wanted to belive her so badly, but thought they were all messing with me.

A few years later the girl downstairs had found a old Polaroid in the basement and took a pic of another worker eating soup to see if it worked.

I came down and they were all marvelling at the ghost pic, I was in there like a dirty shirt..... there was a white mist that perfectly resembled a face with a cowboy hat and a smoke out of the mouth!!!!!! I couldn't even process the picture at first.  The steam from the soup perfectly made out that image (even at fist glance it was clear), you could hardly even see the girl eating the soup.

Sadly this is the only notable paranormal experience I have had (that I could not disprove in some way), not for lack of trying however!!!!!

Thank you so much hosting your website, It very informational and an objective way of educating on the paranormal :)"

In further correspondence the witness states:

"Regarding the cowboy picture, I asked around to the older employees and they kind of had a little fun with me, being non believers, all I was able to find out was that it was a grocery store when first built (late 50s'ish), not sure who owned by, but could dig a bit more into town docs to figure that out. I asked about a year ago about the picture and the photographer did not know where it was, but said she would not have thrown it out, so is a possibility if it turns up I could scan it to you."

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