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The witness writes:


"I was delivering papers in early morning (between 4-5am) in Sherwood park during early Spring 2009. I had just taken the exit off the yellowhead on to Clover bar rd. When I came to the red light waiting to turn left, I saw a shadow like figure crossing the street where I was about to turn. I did a triple take, and he just kept walking.It looked like a tall, heavy set man, but a solid shadow. There was a car ahead of me and when they made the turn the car passed through the shadow man. He took a couple more steps then suddenly disappeared. I drove on, oddly not alarmed and thought "I just saw a ghost!" Normally something like that would frighten me."


Our thanks and appreciation goes out to the witness for sharing this experiences with us. If you have experienced something similar in the Sherwood Park area particularly involving these roads or can add further information to this report please contact us at Your privacy will be protected, and confidentiality is assured.