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The Lancaster is a historic office building in downtown Calgary, and home to many different companies. The following is an account of ghostly activity experienced within the building. The witness writes:


"In the Lancaster Building in downtown Calgary I encountered 3 different spirits while working as a security officer. One seemed to be of a child, not threatening, just very curious, and I encountered it almost every time I was in the building. Another I encountered a few times, and it seemed like a prankster. It enjoyed scaring me. Things like moving chairs, and trash cans. The third one I encountered only once, thankfully. He was very angry, and seemed to be a lot more powerful then the other two. I felt him as soon as I walked onto the floor, and after I did sense him, I have yet to step foot back into the building in close to 9 years.

My experiences in the Lancaster Building were varied and interesting to say the least. These all occurred during the early 2000s as I worked security for the entire complex in down town Calgary. As I stated above, I encountered at least 3 different spirits during my time there. The first was what I felt was a little girl. She was never anything more then curious. She seemed to follow behind me every time I was in the building doing my rounds each night. She was always there, expect the one time I encountered the angry spirit.

The second spirit I think I encountered was a prankster. He liked picking up trash cans, and dropping them to scare the crap out of me. He also moved chairs and rustled papers on desks and the like. I had maybe 6 or 8 dealings with this guy, none evil or terrifying. The little girl didn't appear to have any issues of this spirit. This spirit only even seemed to show up on the 5th and 8th floors. He might have been other places, but I never realized it.

The third spirit I only ever encountered once, and for that, I am thankful. It was on the 8th floor one night, and as I stepped off the service elevator at the rear of the building, the entire floor was cold, and something felt angry. As I walked down the halfway rattling the door knobs, and making sure the bathrooms were clear and the lights were off, the angry feeling kept getting more pronounced. As I got to the corner of the hallway in front of the elevators, I slowed down, and for some reason I put my arm out in front of me. I walked forward, and a terrible cold came over my hand. When I walked forward, the cold went up my arm slowly, until about my elbow, then my fingers started to warm up. I continued to walk forward as I was almost done my rounds of the building for the night, then when my radio got into the cold area I felt, it crackled and said something, but I couldn't make it out. It was at this point, I turned around, and ran for the stairs. I bounded down the stairs as fast as I could, and ran out into the street and have yet to step foot back in the building, day or night.

The Lancaster Building has a few strange things happening in it. Things from lights flickering, or turning on and off at random, to an elevator that no matter how many people have looked at it and tried to repair it, but it still opens on the first floor, then goes to the second floor, then to the third floor, then back to the first floor, all night long, even though it has been locked out, and should not be able to be moved at all. The building is over a century old, so the wiring could be the cause for the lights behaving strangely. The elevators are old as well, but as I said, from what I was told, many elevator mechanics have tried to fix it, but it still goes up and down, stopping on those 3 floors, and opening its doors, before it moves off to the next."
Our thanks and appreciation goes out to the witness for sharing these experiences with us. If you have experienced something similar in the Lancaster building or can add further information to this report please contact us at Your privacy will be protected, and confidentiality is assured.