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"While working at Gateway Entertainment Center me and at least 5 co-workers picked up on the presence of more than one entity in the building. They weren't menacing or harmful, just sort of there. Some nights when you closed  you would hear your name being called or bowling balls rolling across the floor when the only other person in the building was sitting right in front of you.

I worked in the kitchen there and recall a day when the ghost(s) was really messing with me and my manager. I sat down to eat my dinner and not even a minute later felt as if my chair had been kicked out from underneath me. It flew at least 5 ft! Later, my manager had set her cell phone on a counter and headed into the dish pit, and as she was doing dishes she looked into the water only to see her phone at the bottom of the sink! I watched her set it down and there was no explanation as to how it got there.

That same night a bucket was thrown at my manager, I was grabbed fairly hard on my hip, and we heard footsteps and felt the vibrations as one or two people ran through the kitchen and out the back door. These are just our experiences.

Other staff members have also had thier own experiences with the ghosts including seeing shadows, laughter, cold spots, touching and usually when everyone is sitting in the bar area or comedy factory.  Usually when you ask them to stop they do, for at least a few days. They seem to like pranking people or doing things as if to say "I'm still here."


Our thanks and appreciation go out to the witness for sharing these experiences with us. Have you had a similar experience at this location? Can you provide further information to this report. If so, please contact us at Your privacy will be protected, and confidentiality is assured.