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The home owner writes:


"Our house is haunted. Since moving in there have been so many things happen there would not be enough space to write them all here. Just a few examples are.. one day while cutting the grass, I noticed a man walk through our hedge. The funny thing was there wasn't a space to walk through there and there shouldn't have been a man. That year that particular spot in the hedge died. When I talked to someone who used to visit here as a child, he was describing the yard as it used to be, and where the hedge had died, was the direct path to where their barn used to sit.  When my God-daughter was 1, she offered one of her cookies to someone on the couch. However there wasn't anyone on the couch. A few days after we moved in, my sister phoned me crying (she lives in Edmonton) she had a dream that a little girl wanted us to rip up the floor in our upstairs hallway. The really weird thing was I had had the same dream. My son and I actually took out some of the floor boards but realistically couldn't rip up the entire floor.We didn't really find anything but a small child's drawing of 2 stick figures, one with the name Violet. I could go on and on, but you can probably get the picture from this. Most of this is just fairly normal around here, but lately I hear a lot of babies crying. That really bothers me, and a lady who lived here previously, very reluctantly admitted to our neighbour that she often heard babies crying. Before I go to bed at night I say "ok everyone out, no ones allowed in here while I am trying to sleep" I told my daughter in law to do the same thing in the yellow room. This is where a lot of stuff seems to originate from.

I think there is an older gentleman and a little girl here.We recently found out that people have actually fled this house in terror. I find that rather bizarre. There is no sense of anything harmful here to us at all. I think this may be because we take great pride in our ownership here. We have done a lot of painting and general maintenance and people always comment how much better kept the place is. Our house is close to 90 years old. I think whoever is here had the same pride in ownership."
Our thanks to the homeowner for sharing their experiences with us, and hopefully it will bring comfort to those going through something similar. If you have had what you believe may have been a paranormal experience in the province of Alberta we would appreciate hearing from you.  Please contact us via Your privacy will be protected.