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The following events occurred in 2006, and the witnesses no longer live in this house.


"Well to start I would feel always like I was being watched and especially when I would be in the shower. My baby girl was always laughing and looking in a direction like someone was playing with her. I was always sick with something, and feeling tired and grumpy.

I was aproached by a man in black crawling on my bed towards me when I was pregnant with my daughter. I would see balls of light all the time at night and they would show up in pictures that I took. I could hear whispers all the time, and  my husband would tell me he could see things in the corner of his eye's and sometimes he would smell rotten fish as he put it. My spoons would go missing and be put back later. The cupboard doors would open and slam at times...........To my belief it was haunted by a girl teenager, a little child, 2 women, and definetly a man who was stronger than the rest. A girl could be heard crying a lot in a corner."


Our thanks to the witness for sharing her experiences with us. If you have had a similar experience in the Edmonton area or elsewhere in Canada please contact us through Your privacy will be protected.