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We received the following report in May 2010, however both events occurred years before in the Fall.


" It happened to me personally twice. There is an old abandoned camp area north of High Level, Alberta, about 23 km on the east side of the highway. I had been working in the area and after a long day of work in Red Earth and I was driving out. I was starting to fall asleep as i got on the highway and it was late so i looked for a spot where i could pull over to sleep. I found the old camp and pulled in. You could see that it was an old construction or oilfield camp of some sort by the trail type of openings and lanes through the trees. I slept for about 4 hours and then for some reason woke up. when i sat up from the seat and looked out the window, it was dark. Not just dark as you see it, but, it felt dark ( don't have any other way of describing it).


I got out to relieve myself and felt like i was being watched. I was uneasy to say the least because there are some very big bears up there. I had done my morning thing and was about to get back in the truck when this guy came out of nowhere yelling at me. He was about 5'10" blond and in his 40's. he was wearing a jean jacket and blue jeans carrying a black briefcase. This guy was right up in my face immediately asking what i was doing there and began a search of what was in the back of the pick up.


He kept asking questions over and over for about two or three minutes while he was trying to go through my truck. At first i felt scared but as this little pipsqueak of a guy got under my skin i got mad, turned to close the truck door and as it slammed i turned back and faced an open clearing. I mean real open, there was no one there. I completely circled the truck in case he was hiding on the other side looked underneath and in the box. I was alone. what i did notice was that the tall grass all around was still dew coated. None of the grass around the truck had any of the dew knocked off by someone walking through it. I looked, for a few minutes, shrugged it off and got in and drove away.


About seven years later i was with my brother in law and his little brother going hunting. It was late and we had driven from Calgary (16 hours south) so we pulled in and slept the night. Same thing. I don't know what wakes me up, so, I get up to relieve myself. I am feeling uneasy as i unzip the tent there is this guy standing just outside, the same guy. I am completely freaked out as he starts yelling and asking what i am doing and making a commotion. It wakes my in laws and they get up to see whats going on while I'm trying to keep the guy from searching the truck. I really have to go, and my brother in law is dealing with him and the guy is now hassling his little brother. I was watching from the other side of the pick up and as the guy starts to lift the tarps in the back of the truck. My brother in law got mad and turned to go get his gun in the tent to scare this guy off. His little brother was following him and i looked down from the guy for a second to zip up and when i looked back he was gone.


All of us were freaked that the guy just disappeared.

I told my brother in laws about my prior experience and they laughed when i said I think, he is a ghost. I have always told this story as my one and only ghost story. It has impacted myself enough to remember things like how the guy was dressed and how both times when he starts to search and gets up on you he doesn't bend to put down his briefcase it just is not in his hands. The way he disappears is the same too, as soon as someone got mad he is gone and there is no indication of where he came from and which way he left. It happened both times, just before sunrise, when the sky is still dark and you kind of just notice that the sky is light right after he disappears. It's a noticeable feeling from before you see him it feels heavy and scary and then after he is gone it feels different like something happened, but you don't know what."
Our thanks and appreciation go out to the witness for sharing his experiences with this odd ghostly man with us. If you have had a similar experience or can possibly shed some light on who this man might be please contact us through Your privacy will be protected. Our affiliates in Alberta will be looking into this report, and any updates that may come in will be posted.