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We received the following eerie report in January 2010. It has been slightly edited for grammar, and clarity. At the time of this entry these events are current, and ongoing.

"We live in an old house that was built in 1912. There was a woman who died in it, but that's all we know about its history. Since moving in I have heard whispering, calling my name (mimicking my husbands voice) when there is no one in the house other than me and my three year old. Mimicking my voice when I have not been home, and no we are not just hearing voices.

Our baby wakes up crying in the night in the house. There is very cold air in the bathroom where there are no windows and no draft. There is a feeling of being watched when this cold air is apparent.

There is thumping on the a suitcase being hauled up or down. An adult figure has been seen walking past the bedroom door when my husband can hear me clearly talking downsatirs. My dog will growl at nothing ...then I would feel cold air on my face  when I would ask the ask my dog to stop growling.

Magnets and all the papers they are holding will fall off of the fridge door all at once for no reason. On two separate occasions there has been banging in the basement. It sounded like a small explosion. When we went down to investigate, but found nothing. It wasn't the pipes. We try to forget this is happening until something else happens and then we are unnerved for a few days."  

Our thanks to the witness for sharing these experiences with us. Hopefully others who may be experiencing something similar will receive some comfort in knowing they are not alone. Our affiliate group in Alberta is currently looking into this report. Have you experienced something that you think might be paranormal in Alberta? If so please do contact us at Your privacy will be protected, and confidentiality is assured.