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The following was sent in by one of our readers:


"I'm not sure if "he" is gone yet, we live on a military base and he comes back every Spring and Fall. These PMQs were built in the 50's, and he seems very young. I'm not afraid, but I do want him to move on.

He spoke to me in my bedroom, last spring, I was almost asleep and he said "excuse me miss", it scared me at first, but it was only because we also had another  ghost which I hope doesnt return, because he was mean and scared me. 

I think that one was more drawn to the basement though, and I went down and just talked to him and said he had to leave and I wasn't going anywhere. I havent felt scared since so I think he is gone. I'm not sure if my young "gentleman" is gone though.

I went to go let the dog in at the back door and when I lifted my hand to open the screen door, the outside light turned off by itself. Two weeks prior, my bf and his friend saw a person go to the bathroom and then upstairs, I was the only person in the house and I hadnt moved off the couch!"

Our thanks to our reader for sharing this experience with us.

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