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"A few years ago I was sleeping in a friends basement and I woke up in the middle of the night, very cold. I saw that the window was wide open and snow was blowing inside the room. I started to get up to close it when a big black figure came into the room and around to my bedside. It was standing over me and I was pinching and slapping myself, thinking I had to be sleeping, even though I felt totally awake. When I tried to stand up it grabbed my arm and I became totally paralyzed. I tried to scream and move but I couldn't. Then the name "Mary Magdalene" popped into my head and started repeating constantly, until I relaxed and fell back asleep. (prior to this, I'd never heard that name before, as I had very little religious knowledge). The next morning I had scratches on my stomach and what looked like rug burn on my arm.Last month I was sleeping at home (my husband, dog and cat in the room) when my dog started to back in the middle of the night. I sat up to quiet her when the same black figure came into the room, around to my side of the bed and as I tried to scream it pushed on my chest and I fell back to the bed. Like the first time, I was paralyzed, couldn't move or scream and could barely breath.  I could hear my dog barking and my husband quieting her, but I couldn't call to him. I remember thinking I was going to die and within a second I was standing in a field and my dog (who passed almost a year to the date)ran at me and I scooped her in my arms. Right away I felt safe and as she licked my chin I could hear her telling me I was okay now.  We've had numerous crazy things happen around here, but this is the most frightening."


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