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Written by Matthew James Didier

We were fortunate enough to have a friend in the UK who, while recently "tidying up", found an old tape of a television program on ghosts entitled "For The Love Of... Ghosts" which aired on Channel Four on March 18th, 1997. The presenter is Jon Ronson and the panel consisted of Jason Karl, Stuart Hobson, Dave Williamson, Liz Linahan, Philip Walton, and the Society for Psychical Research's Tony Cornell.

Our friend was kind enough to digitize and send on to us the program which focused on people interested in investigating and looking into ghosts and hauntings and aspects of the phenomena.

Two parts stuck out and we thought we'd share them with you...

The first clip is about being "harmed" (physically) by a ghost. Tony Cornell (speaking about the records and information collected by the Society for Psychical Research since it's inception in 1882,) speaks to this topic with some authority...



Please note: The case cited as a possible "death" is The Bell Witch case from Tennessee from back in 1817. We could also add that there was one other possible case that is not mentioned that has reasonably solid third-party examination that "harm" may have been done by an unseen force which is The Entity case from California in the 1970's. Other than these two cases, both considered contentious by many, there have been no cases where physical harm was reported to be done by a ghost that was validated by neutral, third-party sources outside certain core "investigators".

The next clip is a brief one, also focusing on Cornell, about the idea that poltergeist phenomena centres around pre-pubescent children...





We thought other's may be interested in these comments.

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