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Written by PSICAN Staff Writer

While far from complete, this list will give the average reader and enthusiast a good understanding of cryptozoology past and present:

Cryptozoology From A to Z - Loren Coleman

Unexplained - Jerome Clark

Cryptozoology: Science & Speculation: Cryptozoology - Chad Arment

A Dictionary of Cryptozoology: Dictionary of Cryptozoology - Ronan Coghlan

Moa - Richard Wolfe

The Last Tasmanian Tiger: The History and Extinction of the Thylacine - Robert Paddle

Dragons, Unicorns, and Sea Serpents: A classic study of the evidence for their existence - Charles Gould

When Elephants Weep - Jeffrey Masson

The Field Guide to Lake Monsters, Sea Serpents, and Other Mystery Denizens of the Deep - Loren Coleman

Mysterious Creatures - Jim Hicks (Time Life Books)

The Great New England Sea Serpent: An Account of Unknown Creatures Sighted by Many Respectable Persons Between 1638 and the Present Day - J.P. O'Neill

The Loch Ness Monster - Campbell Steuart

A living Dinosaur? In Search of Mokele-Mbembe - Dr. Roy P. Makal

This list will be added to periodically