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Reviews of The Blue Ghost Tunnel: Making of a Legend, by Canadian author and researcher John Savoie
"When one reads any book, they have a hope that part of that book will resonate within their very being... that a small portion will literally become a part of their essence.  In this case, one hopes the reader of this brief tome will not find that part being a soiled mattress in a drainage tunnel that was said to be, potentially, where a ghostly prostitute plies her trade.  Welcome to the lore of the Blue Ghost Tunnel and the book, The Blue Ghost Tunnel Making of a Legend.

Author John Savoie delves into what has been an interesting and often frightening (for all the wrong reasons,) journey through the stories, myths, and legends of the now infamous tunnel and it's environs.  He digs through documents and quite literally knocks on doors finding out the sources of the history (that exists and is glancingly relevant,) as well as the ghostly myths that sprung up around this Ontario haunt... from its many claims of origins to where things stand at the time of his writing.

The tunnel, in the Niagara region of Ontario, first came to popular light online in the late 1990's and through the early 2000's gaining a strong reputation for everything from screams being heard from nowhere to the apparitions of women and dogs... and even sexual encounters of a very spiritual kind!

Everything from a flooded cemetery, various drownings, to a century old train wreck was blamed for all the events... and Savoie examines them all and the mythos from not only the tunnel itself, but it's surrounding areas.

From vandals to teenagers, questionable ghost hunters to potential movie deals, from skewed and misleading television programs to dead hookers, Savoie leaves few stones unturned.

This is a very lively book that at some points, both Sue and myself found ourselves in tears of laughter reading... and finding out even our "facts" about the tunnel needed work!  Without question, it is a "must read" for anyone interested in folklore, ghosts, urban legends, or all points in between... especially in Southern Ontario.

Is the tunnel bunk?  Is it caused by psi?  Is it the DPH (dead person hypothesis) at work? Savoie excellently goes about making cases for almost all the notions for what's said to be experienced at the tunnel, save for why so many female ghosts end up being named after the months of the year, but overall still leaves the judgment to the reader after all is said and done, The Blue Ghost Tunnel Making of a Legend is a worthy book for anyone to have a "boo" at."
~ Matthew James Didier
"This is a book that had to be written, and I can think of no one better to sort through so much chaff to get to the wheat or heart of the BGT (Blue Ghost Tunnel) legend than author/researcher John Savoie. Mr Savoie has spent extensive time visiting, and researching the Blue Ghost Tunnel location, and its history. He has exhausted many different sources from long-time residents of the area, to local historians, and archives, canal officials, ghost hunters, demon worshippers, bored teenagers, tour operators, and even found the originator of the term "Blue Ghost Tunnel."
The Blue Ghost Tunnel: Making Of A Legend, includes numerous photos, and maps of the area both historical and current. It explores much of the mythos surrounding the tunnel, and sorts the facts from the fiction with numerous examples and sources that demonstrate the true history and origin of the legend. Both Matthew and I were happy to learn many new things about the BGT.
Savoie also covers different ideas on what may or may not be occurring at the BGT and allows for the reader to make up their own minds on what is presented as clearly speculation, while at the same time giving good food for thought in regards to the potential of actual anomalies.
This book is extremely entertaining, and a worthwhile read for anyone interested in ghosts, ghost hunting, history, urban legends, folklore, and the internet's role in creating, and spreading mythos with break neck speed.  While the Blue Ghost Tunnel became an internet phenomenon it is an excellent example of how urban legends begin, evolve, and how they can endure as folklore that will be passed through generations.
Long after the original BGTers have moved on to other things, younger generations will find this tunnel via Creepy Canada reruns or old internet forums, and long abandoned ghost hunting group's websites. Out of all the thrill seekers, ghost tourists, and people with nothing better to do on a Saturday night who will flock there, there will be one or two with a keen, and sincere interest in paranormal stories and research and Mr Savoie has now provided them with an excellent resource for this location.
Thank you John for setting the record straight on this Southern Ontario haunt.  While it will surely be despised by some, it will equally and more importantly so, be appreciated by the many"
~ Sue Demeter-St. Clair

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