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Filipino Ghost Stories Book CoverI really enjoyed author Alex G. Paman's first paranormal book entitled Asian Supernatural (you can read my review of that book by clicking on the link provided in the title) and I was very excited when I was contacted in regards to reading and offering a review of Filipino Ghost Stories: Spine-Tingling Tales of Supernatural Encounters and Hauntings, which takes a more personal look at the author's own experiences with ghostly stories. 


This book relates ghost stories as passed down through the author's family and Filipino traditions. With a fun writing style it is easy for the reader to be transported to a different time, and place and to imagine hearing these stories told first hand. Often while reading the book I thought to myself how similar ghost story traditions were within my own family despite not coming from a Filipino background, and growing up half a world away in Canada. We too told spooky stories, with my Ukrainian grandmother having the most eerie tales of the lot. It's nice to discover that no matter our geographical separations and differing cultures, and faiths, so many of us are brought together by the simple retelling of spooky tales brought down through the ages.  


Filipino Ghost Stories is not a very lengthy book, but it does serve to entertain, while preserving some rather chilling stories of ghosts and hauntings along with some history, and geography along the way. I was not disappointed, and I would recommend this book to anyone interested in ghosts, folktales, and Filipino oral traditions.


Filipino Ghost Stories: Spine-Tingling Tales of Supernatural Encounters and Hauntings By Alex G. Paman ISBN13: 9780804841597


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About the Author

Alex G. Paman is a freelance journalist and artist based in Sacramento, California. Originally from the Philippines, he has spent the last twenty years researching Asian culture, particularly the supernatural. His works have been published in the United States and in the Philippines.