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Created: Monday, 11 April 2011 19:10
Written by Chris Laursen
University of British Columbia PhD student and PSICAN member Chris Laursen is seeking anomalous photographs from the past forty years as part of a historical project he is presenting at the University of Washington in mid-May.  For this project, he is specifically seeking photographs which were initially interpreted as paranormal or religious, but for which a natural explanation was provided by a photographic expert.  It is completely okay if you either agree or disagree with the explanation provided by the expert; what counts is how the unusual feature in the photograph was initially interpreted and then investigated.  
This can be a photograph you received to investigate, a photo taken by a family member or friend, or a photo you took yourself. Although digital and recent photos are most welcomed, Chris is especially looking for photographs taken by non-digital cameras (single-lens reflex or Polaroid in particular), and he will gratefully receive photos from before 1990.  For example, photos can include light anomalies, human-like forms, orbs, mists, vortices, and so forth.  Please note: Chris is not offering an opinion on these photos; he is simply assembling a historical overview of photographic anomalies and how they have been interpreted.
Please submit the photograph(s) by e-mail along with a description of the circumstances of the picture being taken; how the photo was initially interpreted; any technical info you have on the camera and conditions of the picture being taken (e.g. where it was taken, what kind of film, film speed if you recall, etc.); and, importantly, the natural causation suggested.  A digital photo or scan of a photographic print is acceptable.  Requests regarding proper accreditation of the photograph(s) or requests for anonymity will be honoured.  Chris will only use your photo for this presentation and any other project with your written permission.
You can e-mail them to Chris at remoteplanet [at]  Although Chris will accept anomalous photos anytime for general research, he will accept photos for this specific presentation up to Saturday, May 7th 2011.