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Teslin October 6th 2014 5:30am

UFO details report:
I was driving between Watson Lake and Whitehorse Monday morning, October 6, 2014.  At about 5:30 AM, about 1/2 hour southeast of Teslin a bright orb suddenly appeared out of the night sky.  It passed very quickly directly over the front of my vehicle from the driver's side to the passenger side.  It was low and close to the vehicle, it looked like it was a ball about eight inches in diameter.  The night sky was very dark, the moon had already descended. The orb vanished as soon as it passed over the van.  

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Webmaster's note: Similar "purple blobs were reported on by John Keel in his book on UFOS Operation Trojan Horse. Here is an excerpt:

"the strange purple blobs, some so faint that they can barely be seen with the naked eye. Such blobs were frequently reported in the earlier days of the saucer scare, but newspapers were soon diverted by the more intriguing hard sightings of seemingly solid disks. The purple blobs have been busy throughout the world, but the published sightings have become increasingly rare. People who see these things often dismiss them as some kind of illusion or natural phenomenon, or they feel they are not worthy of being reported.

Between 9:15 and 11 P.M. on the night of June 24, 1947, scores of people in Seattle, Washington, watched peculiar purple and light-blue spots of light dancing around the skies. That was the same day that Kenneth Arnold saw his famous flying saucers. I have seen many strange blue lights and purple spots in my travels. The first time I was roaming around the hills behind Gallipolis Ferry, West Virginia, early in 1967, and when the spots first appeared, I thought my eyes were playing tricks. They were barely visible in the darkness and seemed to be small clouds of glowing gas. I climbed a steep hill, accompanied by two local teen-agers, hoping to find a better vantage point to view a sector where many objects had been sighted previously. The purple spots were moving all around us; there were twenty or more. The sky was overcast, and at first I suspected the phenomenon might be caused by stars faintly shining through the clouds. But they seemed very close by, maneuvering around at treetop level. I blinked my huge flashlight at them and was startled when these things actually leaped out of the way of the beam.

When we reached the summit of the hill, I experimented further, aiming my light at spots which had remained perfectly stationary since we had first noticed them. The instant my beam struck them, these spots skittered across the sky, some of them darting 25 or 30 degrees before they paused again.

After much more experimentation, on other nights inother places, I concluded that the purple spots were part of the UFO phenomenon and were being controlled by, or possessed, some kind of intelligence. Return now to our two charts of the electromagnetic and color spectrums. You will see that ultraviolet ray immediately precede the visible spectrum. The first visible frequencies are of purple or violet light."