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Location. North Canol Road, near Macpass, Yukon Territories, Canada

Date: September 3 1987 Time: daybreak

"The witness, Kevin, was on his way to meet some friends at an isolated trailer when he had to stop in order to satisfy a physiological necessity. He was standing just in front of his bike watching the mountains to the south when he noticed to the left out of the corner of his eye what he first thought was an airplane. The object was about 400 to 500 yards away and was about the size of a DC-9 plane or a full size school bus. It was traveling from north to south at about 40 yards above the ground and moving maybe at 30km/h. He could not make out any tail fin or wings. It had what looked like portholes along the side of it. It was cigar shaped with a gray strip down the middle and dark green on top and bottom. The craft was totally silent. As he watched, the object seemed to partially dematerialize and then return to solid form, it did this as it was moving a couple of times. He crouched down on the road, hiding behind the roadside grass. Then he watched it go behind a cone-shaped hill and not come out.

Feeling very excited he stood beside his bike when he heard a loud metallic clunk behind him around the corner. The noise sounded like the sound of a heavy trunk lid of a car slamming shut. He quickly walked along the edge of the road to the corner to see who it was. He then came face to face (about 20 yards) with 2 gray creatures in blue jumpsuits, about 5 ft tall, with big insect-looking heads, pointy faces, big eyes, thin arms, body and legs. To the witness they resembled huge grasshoppers. At that same instant, the one on the left raised his left hand to his waist, which held some type of flashlight device and he saw a bright flash of light come from it. He instantly felt paralyzed and was convinced that time had stopped, everything went black, and he could hear no sounds. He tried to yell “No” but all that came out was a distorted grunt. His next memory was of standing on the side of the road, scared, shaking and confused. Within seconds he remembered what had taken place and decided to leave the area. He turned around to get his bike and for some reason it was not there, then he noticed that it was on the other side of the road.

Terrified he found his keys and drove to his trailer realizing that there had been some sort of time gap. As he put a pot of coffee on the stove he heard a soft humming sound above the trailer. He could also feel a soft vibration that stopped about 10 minutes later. He had a very strong feeling that they were outside but he did not look out the windows. Later that night he could not sleep and while having his coffee he began to have flashbacks of the past events. He remembered being in a dream-like state watching scenery flash by underneath as if he was flying. He watched mountains and rivers and forests go by at a very high rate of speed. He then became aware of other sounds and seemed to wake up. He opened his eyes and could see nothing but black, a very deep and inky black. As he looked at the darkness, it seemed to be pulled back, revealing a face. He was looking into the eyes of a gray-type creature. He could hear in his mind a voice saying, “There is nothing to worry about”. He could hear him talking in his mind. There were 3 or 4 of these creatures walking around, but only one talked to him. The two he saw earlier on the road, he never saw again. He then sat up and had an idea of what might be going on and asked, “Are you going to do experiments on me?” and the one said, “They’ve already been done.” He felt really good then because, except for a strange sensation in his hands everything felt normal. He kept rubbing his hands together but did not look at them, as there was a totally strange environment to look at instead. He experienced no discomfort.

The being nearest to him asked if he would like to see his home planet, he agreed and then walked over to the window where there was a machine that looked like a big copying machine. The alien asked him not to touch it, he replied, “Don’t worry I’m not touching anything in here”. He then said, that bright white star is your home. He was also asked if he would like to go on a trip. He replied, “Not yet”, he felt very honored to be asked and he did want to go but felt that the time was not right. Then he was told that he would have to forget all of this. He was disappointed at hearing that. He was never scared and found the aliens to be friendly, and helpful. He was giving a clear glass ¾ full with a yellow liquid and told to drink it, that it would make him forget everything. He told them he did not want to forget an experience like this. He was told that for his own good he should forget, he then took 3 little sips and put the glass down. His next recollection was standing on the road next to his bike, scared to death and wanting to leave the area. Later the witness was to find a small scoop mark on the palm of each of his hands."

Our thanks to fellow researcher Albert S Rosales for sharing this with us.

HC addendum
Source: Martin Jasek, UFO BC