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Whitehorse October 20th 2012 6pm

"I was on my way to pick up my step kid, from her work. In doing so I chose to take the Alaska Highway route, turning south off of Wann Road in Porter Creek.  One of the first large snowfalls was forecast for that evening, though you didn’t need a forecast as the cloud ceiling was low and thick. It was one of those days where the sun turned the clouds a pink, red and purple as it set. It was very pretty.When I turned southbound on the Alaska Highway I noted the lights just below the clouds. They seemed to be on the other side of Porter Creek, farther south. I accelerated in that direction, once again noticing the lights, and as they got closer I noticed they weren’t moving, which I found odd, but not completely unheard of.Upon reaching the parallel point of the Super A on Centennial Street and the Alaska Highway I slowed down as I became convinced that it was not a place at all, as it still hadn’t moved. The lights were still there and you could make out the body of the craft, which did not resemble any sort of plane I had ever seen, at least any plane that had any business sitting still over Whitehorse Suburbia. It wasn’t any sort of Helicopter vehicle that I could see. There were not sights of rotor action as the object was just sitting below the clouds, not disturbing them in the slightest. It was then that I realized I was looking at something completely out of the normal so I pulled over completely on the side of the Alaska Highway, coming to a stop at about the same point in parallel where Centennial Street meets up with 14th Ave.I didn’t dare look away at this thing, I saw it very clear and this is what I saw. The main body of this object was an oval shaped tube with lights shining from down from the areas facing the ground. There were 2 lights on this body, both on each end of the tube. There was also a thin arm in the middle of the tube that protruded out in a perpendicular fashion. On the end of this arm was a smaller rod that attached to the arm at its middle section. There were smaller lights on the top and bottom of the rod. The object was dark on a whole, but not black, more like a very dark grey color, like clean steel that’s been heated and let cool. I never broke sight with it after the vehicle stopped. I rolled the window down with one hand and found the IPhone with the other hand. I raised it up and turned the camera function on, switched it to video mode only to have the object raise up into the clouds. It never came out. I didn’t see it after that. I didn’t get a picture. I wish I had."

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