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Written by PSICAN Staff Writer

UFO  details report: Sunday, January 31, 2016 21:00 (approximately) Regina, Saskatchewan Standing on my deck last night, waiting on my dogs to finish their business, I looked up to the sky to see a very bright light zig zagging around the sky (southeast) that would stop intermittently before moving along a very unnatural pattern, up down, side to side etc.  My partner and myself both observed this for about a min before it burst? a flash of brighter light and disappeared.  We stood silently for a moment before asking each other at the exact same time 'wtf was that??!!'we were both feeling shocked, surprised, confused etc.An interesting side note to this story:I found it incredibly difficult to fall asleep last night, which is uncommon for me.  When I was in the limbo between sleep and awake, I heard a crash that rattled me straight out of bed to investigate. Unable to find the source I returned to bed and finally fell asleep.  Again very uncommon for me, I then had a nightmare that 2 men had broken into my house and were chasing me down the hall way, I got to the bathroom and turned around to see they were right behind me grabbing out towards me. I jolted out of my sleep, heart racing, sweating bullets, as soon as I opened my eyes my bedroom door swung open very aggressively. I mustve screamed because I woke up my partner, who knew that door was closed when we went to bed- it always is. We sat trying to figure out what couldve happened, wind, something? then all of the sudden a bed side computer speaker started ticking really loudly. I yelled get out leave me alone, you're making me uncomfortable, and you are not welcome here.This morning, I am filled with anxiety, and confusion. Not sure if the 2 events are related, but feel those are very strange things to happen in a span of a few hours.


Webmaster's note: The experient has opted to remain completely anonymous and does not wish further follow-up. We would be interested in hearing from anyone else who has had similar encounters involving UFOs and other possible "paranormal" events such as these. 


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