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The witness is unclear on the exact date and states this occurred in either 2012 or 2013.


UFO details report: I was walking past my back door to go do laundry in my basement (it was 9:30 or 10:30 at night.) When I happened to see a very pretty green coloured light in the sky. I pressed my face against the glass and was happy to see the northern lights outside. It was unusually warm for the first week of Nov in Sask and I just threw on my flip flops, no jacket and went out on my back step to see the Northern lights. I was amazed at the pretty green colour, but honestly my first thought outside was 'Cheap!' the last time I saw the northern lights they went on forever in the sky, but this was a relatively clear night a few clouds but not many, and all I could see was two little patches of green far far away( I am not an expert at aviation but it was hundreds of miles away in the sky) What first caught my eye was what appeared to be a plane or something flying right in front of it, then a second later I noticed The same colour green as the northern lights ( not in the same spot as the plane ) coming out of the northern lights like an intense orb of green. Well as I was watching this green light orb coming closer at a ridiculous speed, it turned into two green orbs and eventually I could make out a disk shape above the greenl


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