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UFO details report: This occurred in the early sixties . We reported it but never heard from anyone . It  was early morning , about six or six thirty . A co worker and I were on our way to work in her car . we worked at a restaurant on the highway east of Moose jaw Sask . There were fields along the road . Suddenly she said "what is that " I looked out the car window and saw an oval object about a quarter of a mile away . It was spinning around and soon it was about fifty feet away traveling alongside the car ,still spinning .When we got to the restaurant , we parked behind the building and got out of the car . It was about ten feet above the electric post, spinning faster and faster and making a loud humming sound .It sped away northward faster than what seemed possible .I was oval in shape and emitted a glow , but not a bright one . It was transparent . We could see through it.


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