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Whitewood Sask UFO Report April 13th 2015 9:18 approx.


ufo details report: Tonight, my 20 year old daughter and myself had just finished doing a last check of the animals in our barn. We stood outside and admired the clear night sky, as we are sort of positioned between 2 big bright stars. Anyways we were looking towards our lane and we noticed this low hum almost like when you hear a jumbo going over head, but this was more lower (the hum) We observed a star that seemed like it was moving (high up but positioned over our lane) It was coming over our farm (but at plane altitude) it wasn't a plane, no blinking lights. We literally "shat our breeks" and near jumped the gate, my girl was about to run back to the house, and we both turned around to see it almost "wobble" or "zigzag" in its flight path, Courtenay yelled she was outta here, and i yelled for my husband Richard who was in the garage, he came out and observed it also, as did my other daughter Baillie who had been watching Coronation street, when Courtenay ran in and grabbed her, she observed a series of 6 consecutive flashing lights, then we all saw it just vanish, though in the last 1 minute or so of observation, 2 passenger flights flew over from different directions.


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