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Gull Lake Ferbruary 23rd 2015 11:55 am


ufo details report: Leaving work at 11:55 am along highway 1, 5 miles east of gull lake, looked up in the sky to see a bright object moving north across the sky. Originally i thought it was a comet the i realized there were lights spaced apart, next thing i thought maybe a plane. As i examined it there were several lights on a fairly large object just hovering around. then the possibility of a ufo crossed my mind it was was to big to be a plane and looked oddly shape. Started to get excited and freak out so i grabbed my phone to try and get a picture not taking my eyes off of it then it just disappeared out of mid air. I watched the same area throughout my ride home to see if it would reappear or even something simlair. but nothing.. i then texted my colleague and he saw the exact same thing


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