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Carrot River Sunday 1991-93 Fall time 10pm

UFO details report: The incident happened 20-22 years ago it was the fall on a Sunday night about 10:00 pm I was going home from Carrot River from visiting with a friend at the time I was 20-22 years old my parents farm is 12 miles north of carrot river as I drove the first 6 miles north on highway 23 I turned to go east a half mile to what was SunSet Service gas station but it was closed and as I was about to turn north again I noticed up in sky to the north east of me on highway 123 very brite lights that appeared to be going around and around hovering over a farm yard these were the brightest lights I've ever seen so as I drove north I watched this round disk not far above tree tops after about 2.5 miles of driving the object slowly moved west at about 20 km an hour across field at about mile 3.5  from SunSet Service it crossed the highway about a hundred yards in front of me and went through the moon light and I realized it at that point wasn't round but black and a giant triangle easily as long as a foot ball field and a few seconds later it disappeared and about 3 seconds later was hoovering with those lights on again about 8-9 miles straight west of me but while it moved across field and highway it had no lights going around and around it and on I went the roughly 2 miles to get home and have never forgot about the incident to date just can't remember actual date or year of incident. THIS WAS NO PLANE OR HELICOPTER.

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