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November 1st 2013 UFO Report Sask.

UFO details report: i went for a vacation to my reservation for a few days before Halloween, it was 7:30 in the evening. it was a bit cold. and just getting dark but that's normal with the season. i was sitting in the back seat behind passenger, heading west towards Saskatoon. i noticed a bright orange light with a red light flashing around the middle of it, 10 kilometers before Blaine lake, i couldn't take my eyes off it. as we entered Blaine lake, passing threw i lost track of it, soon as we got out of town, i noticed it again,  it didn't seem to move but it still managed to stay in sight, i watched for another 20 minutes before it vanished, like shutting off a light switch. i kept focused on the sky hoping maybe it will appear. soon enough about 10 minutes later it appeared once again, i couldn't look away. it blinked 5 times,  than 2 times, than another 3 times, different patterns. it was very intense for me. as soon as we got closer to the city it disappeared. i remember seeing a similar thing when i was 10 on my grandmothers farm just 10 minutes away from pike lake i really believe it was a UFO. i always believed in other beings, with all these other planets, human beings cant be alone. and i just wanted you to read what i saw just yesterday.

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