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UFO details report: October 12th 2013 08:05  Left home to go to store, and was walking south.  Nice cool night and very clear.  Crossed street going south, then west and cut through parking lot going south west.  Looked up at moon and saw the bright light.  Thought it odd as much brighter than any of the stars out.  No strobes or noise, so I stopped and watched for a second.  Object started downward, and two arms/legs come out, one up and down from the top and one out the right hand side as you look at it.This is when I looked over my prescription glasses to make sure it wasn't a star burst or from scratches.  They were still there. I think, not sure that the arms/legs moved into more of a V form. then it started moving to the left and down.  Seen it kind of bob on the way down, like a step down, then started to go at a 45 degree angle to the left upwards and faded in about 4-5 seconds.  No real reference as to height, just an estimate.

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